About “For Faith and Ful-film-ent”

I think the best way to describe what we are about is to explain how this site came about.

Some weeks back I was looking for good Christian films which I could recommend not only to my own kids but also which could be watched by our bible study group and the youth club at my church.

So I went on line and did a search for reviews on Christian films/movies.  And I was shocked to find that actually there is very little good informative information out there on this.  Even when I visited some sites with this label what I found was not reviews of Christian movies but of secular movies which were – in the opinion of the author of that site – safe for young Christians to watch.  And whilst there is nothing wrong with that, if you are looking for Christian movies with a clear and healthy message, that simply doesn’t fit the bill – so to speak.

And so this site was conceived.  and through it we hope to provide clear information and reviews of Christian and faith-based films/movies.

And that therefore form the basis of our mission statement.

But it should be pointed out – in the interest of fairness and objectivity – that the reviews contained within this site are only opinions and that ultimately they are only intended as a guide in selecting relevant or appropriate films/movies.

It should also be pointed out that this is purely a voluntary venture and that no financial gain is received on respect of any films reviewed.

We also welcome both guest reviews and also comments – including those of differing opinions – from those who visit this site and who have them self seen the films/movies reviewed.  However, please note that all comments are moderated and that we reserve the right to decline – without explanation – from posting a comment where it – in our opinion – contains; spoilers, offensive or inflammatory statements or misleading information. (Please see Submission Guidelines)

Thank you.