Submissions Guidelines

The process of making a submission for including something on this site/blog is very simple.

All you have to do is email it to me at the following link.

Please note that…

All articles/posts submitted for publishing on this site must be unique and not previously published.  You can of course re-blog them on you own site once (and if) they have been published here.  In this way we seek to ensure that our content is original and not repetitive.

Please also note that….

Whilst I appreciate all items submitted – as well as the fact that folk are willing to contribute in this way – in order to protect the integrity of this site and to maintain both the good name of this site and of Christ, I do have to reserve the right to decline to include or publish any item or items submitted should its content (either in full, or in part, or by implication) be considered to be…

Too controversial or provocative


Legally dubious

of a commercial nature or from a commercial motivation

Potentially having a negative effect on our readers

Potentially seeking or causing the bringing of disrepute those who are Christian and Christ himself

Encourages or inspires stigma against those with a faith.

Comments which are considered to have a political agenda.

Likewise I reserve the right to delete or remove any item already published should it be considered necessary or advisable.

Additionally, I reserve the edit any item submitted or to delay publications of any item or items submitted in order to…

publish them at a more suitable time

avoid flooding member’s Inboxes.

avoid distracting focus from current threads.

Please note where any of the above happens every reasonable effort will be made to contact the person submitting said items in order to notify them of the decision to do so.

Pleas also note that these guidelines apply to all comments submitted.  Please note that all comments are moderated.

Many thanks